Sound not recording (using built in mic, not external)

Windows 10, audacity 2.4.2

I hit record and it just shows a flat line, like it’s not picking up any sound. I’ve never had this problem before on this computer or with Audacity.

I’m using my computer’s built in mic. I’ve gone through and looked at the other forum posts about this, FAQ, etc. but they’re only about people trying to use external mics. The solutions to those were “make sure your mic is connected” which obviously doesn’t apply to me. And yes I’ve gone and made sure nothing is weird with the built in mic. I have the right mic selected on Audacity, it’s activated in my computer settings, etc etc.

The only person I’ve found who had the same problem as me was over 10 years ago, and the solution they used is no longer an option since the menus are arranged differently.

How often do you update Windows?
In recent versions of Windows 10 it is necessary to give applications permission to access the microphone.
See: “Why can’t I record in Windows?