Sound Mixer as attached - Equalizer

I operate Sound Mixer for last 2 years for speech events. Almost buttons and knobs I know in Sound Mixer except
equalizer just like attached one for sample. I would like to learn A to Z about equalizer in Sound Mixer. I use
LEEM PRO 104 mixer which is almost the same as attached one. Would appreciate valuable reply. I use windows 8 operating system in my laptop.

This is the Audacity forum. We don’t have detailed information about specific hardware.
The official website for Leem seems to be but they are a Korean manufacturer and may not have much in the way of end user support.

You will find general information about mixing desks in these articles:
If you search Google you should be able to find much more information.

Mixing desks / mixing consoles may have equalization for each channel, and may also have a master “graphic equalizer” for the mixed output. “Equalization” is a fancy word for “tone control”. It allows you to cut or boost certain frequency ranges. Audacity has a very flexible “Equalization” effect that is described in the manual here:

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