Sound leveling

Is their a way to level the sound of the recording? I a recording a church service message. But when people listen to the recording they complain that they can not simply leave the volume set a one place. The preacher is either to loud or to soft. He does fluctuate his volume considerably. Which is simply his style of preaching. He knows about the problem but will not likely change. Our sound runs through a Mackie SR24-4 mixer board. Thank you for any feedback you have.

HaasDoor man

You are the poster boy for Chris’s Compressor.

Chris wrote this compressor so he could listen to widely fluctuating opera in the car.

I’ve never had this problem, but some report a volume problem in the beginning and end of a show. You can get around this by adding ten seconds of silence to both ends of the show before you apply the compressor. You can strip it off later.

I increase the first setting, compression ratio from 0.5 to 0.77 and the resulting shows sound the same as the local radio station.