Sound level adjusting when capturing from USB

To ensure accuracy, I would recommend that your description should follow the descriptions in the manual.
Amplify effect: Audacity Manual
Meters: Audacity Manual
Clipping: Audacity Manual

I think we are repeating the same answer to the same question. If the clipping hold light comes on when playing a recording it is a strong indication that the recording was made too loud, though the clipping might not be audible if it is only a few samples long. Use View > Show Clipping to see how much clipping there actually is. To understand more, read the articles in the Manual when we give you a link.

I recommend two tips to your readers.

Before the real recording, make a test recording to set the input level. Play a loud part of the music and set the input level so that it peaks at about -6 dB.

Keep the recording on one Audacity track, using Pause when you turn the tape or the record over. Then there can be no confusion about songs in two Audacity tracks getting mixed together, and the meters will not clip unless that single track really is above 0 dB.

With the recording on one Audacity track, you can use labels to mark each song within the recording and export each song to a separate file. See Audacity Manual.


Gale: Many thanks of all your help. I have notist advices in links you posted. My desciption seems to be quite OK when redusing suitable laudest sound volyme to -6 seen in the Payback Meter. Using Amplify effect I have simple reference of it with link to Manual and own picture. About clipping I will not tell anything, maybe link to manual. Many thanks for other recommendations, those will be mentioned there. I know where get detailed information when needed.

Now going to finish the acticle.

Thankfully NeptunF/Seppo Partanen from Finland