Sound keeps repeating when I record

As of earlier today, when I try to record anything, part of the sound keeps repeating and making a buzzing noise. Downloading Audacity 2.3.3 didn’t fix the problem. My old recordings still play fine, I just can’t make new ones that aren’t messed up. Here’s what happens when I try to record a system sound:

That’s feedback, like in a large venue when they get the band’s microphones up too loud. In a computer that can happen when you run the playback and record sides of the computer at the same time and connect them to each other.

when I try to record anything

What’s the “anything” and why are we doing this? What’s the job?


I was originally trying to record a YouTube video, but this happens when I try to record literally anything, whether the recording device is the speakers or the microphone. I’ve never had this problem before.

I just downloaded it again, resetting the preferences this time, and it solved my problem. Thanks!