Sound issues with multi track recording

Hello all,
So I keep having a weird issue with the recording quality, only when there are already tracks recorded. When I am recording, and there is no track already in place, the sound quality is fine, but when I try to record something over that, even if I just put a click track on, the sound quality of the new track sounds kind of crackly/skippy (it’s kind of hard to describe…) I haven’t been able to find any help online thus far.


Overdubbing is probably the first time your machine has had to play an existing track perfectly, with absolutely no errors, and record a new track perfectly, with absolutely no errors. So if the machine was just about hanging on with any one of those jobs, trying to do both at once may push it over the edge.

Record a short sound test and post it here on the forum. Do it in overdub so it exhibits the damage, but don’t help it. Don’t apply any filters or corrections.

I’m just thinking about this. Post only the new, broken track. You don’t need to include the guide or backing track.


There is considerable help in the Audacity Manual:

Note that on Mac, you may need to reduce “Audio to buffer” in Audacity’s Recording Preferences, rather than increase it as it says in the FAQ.