Sound is fine in Audacity, not so much otherwise

I’m slowly getting the hang of equalizing the sound when recording, but the problem I have now is…

I’ve got two tracks merged as one. I got them equalized in Audacity at the same level when listening to it on Audacity.

When using a different program to listen to it, like Windows Media Player or another media player, you can tell a big difference between the merged tracks.

I’ve tried using the Youtube tutorials to increase the volume on the part of the track that sounds weakest via other media players, but the “ok” button disappears when I try to make it louder through the amplification method.

Is there another way to make the other part of the track a bit louder?

If you don’t allow clipping (distortion) the Amplify effect will only allow you to go so loud. The amount of increase you can get is limited by the peaks, but the peaks don’t correlate well with perceived loudness.

One solution is to reduce the volume of the whole track, then increase the parts you want to increase. If you just want to boost quiet parts the [u]Envelope Tool[/u] will allow you to fade-up and fade-down so there are no sudden changes.

Compression and limiting can also be used to make the quiet parts louder and/or the loud parts quieter.

I’ve got two tracks merged as one.

If you are mixing (so both tracks play at the same time), note that mixing is done by summation so you have to cut the volume approximately in half to prevent clipping.

If you are playing one track after the other, the best way to match volumes is to normalize both (use the Normalize or Amplify effect to make 0dB peaks). Then if they don’t sound equally loud, reduce the volume of the louder track to match the quieter one. (Do this by-ear, don’t do it visually.)