sound is compressed for any held out tone

I’m using Windows 10. Audacity version 2.3.2
When I’m recording my voice, if I hold onto a vowel (as if singing it), it records normally then after about one second, it compresses the sound volume down.
How can I record singing that holds notes out without having the volume automatically compressed lower?

Turn off the automatic volume control and noise reduction. Unless you tell it not to, Windows enhancements will treat everything you do as a conference or chat to include “cleaning out” all that noise. All sound tones longer than about a second are “noise” and are suppressed.

That can work out OK when you have ten people on a conference, for ecample. If all their room noises ended up in the conference, nobody would hear anybody’s voice.

I don’t now where the settings are in WIn7. You may have to Google to find them. Right-click the speaker in the lower right and go down the menu system.

That’s the most likely. You can also have a microphone or sound mixer which can do auto noise suppression. It’s up to you to figure it out. You know how to test it. That’s important.


Thanks much for your help, kozikowski!
I’m using Windows 10 so I looked around at the sound settings found through the control panel.
I also plugged in a separate microphone and turned off my webcam. Seems to work now.
Thanks again.