Sound gate on audacity

Does anyone know where the sound gate option is on version 3.5.1
I googled it but on my version it is not there.
Has it been re named ?

The Noise Gate?

is called sound gate ? I am not sure

Thanks for sending the link to Noise Gate but on my version of audacity when I click on Effects and choose Noise reduction I do not get the options you sent. That was what I saw on google

Noise Reduction” and “Noise Gate” are different effects.

Thanks - yes
I am trying to find Sound gate
Somebody suggested it might be known as Noise gate through the effect tab and sound reduction
I am looking to get to something called Sound Gate

Audacity has never had an effect called “Sound Gate”. The closest I can think of is the “Noise Gate” effect. If it is not that then maybe you are referring to a third party plug-in.

It is maybe called noise gate on Audacity - thanks
I have tried finding Noise Gate by following the link from DVDdoug but my version (3.5.1)
doesn’t seem to have it .
The instructions were to click on the following :
Noise removal and repair
Noise reduction
I followed this and it asked me to select the area “for repair” which I did but then could get no further as there was no option to select Noise Gate
Is it "built in " in the version which I am using ? Maybe that is why I cannot find anything which says Noise Gate ?

Try looking in the “Plugin Manager” and check that it hasn’t been disabled.

Fantastic - Thank you SO much
I will try that
I was looking in the wrong place