Sound for 23 out of 24 CD tracks

I created 24 mp3s with Audacity. I burnt the 24 MP3s to a music CD using Nero Express. However, there is no sound for track 22, but there is sound for the other 23 tracks. Track 22 can be played on Audacity. However, track 22 cannot be played on my CD player or with Microsoft Media Player with the CD entered into the computer CD drive. Any suggestions on what I did wrong with track 22? Thank you.

So I am at a loss. But I suspect the issue could be caused by a difference in stereo rendering. You could try converting track 22 to mono to see if it makes any difference.

Also, if you are creating an Audio CD, then you may want to export as .WAV files. Converting to MP3 introduces another layer of audio damage.

Thank you for the answer. I will try your suggestion and get back to the forum concerning the results.

Saving the 24 files as *.wav files solved the problem!

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