Sound Effect "Telekinetic"

Hello I’m a bit unsure which forum is the right for this special question.
I play currently the PC Franchise Red Alert and there is a character named “Yuri”.
As seen in the video I post below the sound artists added a yeah telekinetic sound effect in the background, the echoes the water sound.
I want to record my voice and get the same hypnotic sound

Sorry no one has answered - they probably will now I have posted here and give you better ways to do it :wink:

I would suggest you try some Effect > Equalization and reduce the high frequencies, and perhaps increase the bass frequencies too.

Then you could try Effect > Phaser and/or Effect > GVerb (go very lightly with that - see Missing features - Audacity Support) .

Ideally you could perhaps try Effect > Vocoder with some underwater bubbly sounds as the carrier wave (see .

You will have to experiment. You can always Edit > Undo, but it may be an idea to Edit > Duplicate your original audio several times, so you have an original to go back to. You can also use an original copy to mix into a copy that has the effects on it, which will make the effect less strong.