Sound distortion

I am currently recording all my old vinyl LP’s onto my computer using an IONiTTUSB turntable. Previously when I was using Windows XP I had no problems. I now have a new computer using the Windows 7 system. I have downloaded the new Audacity software.
When trying to record, the sound is very distorted even when the input volume is set at its lowest. I have tried to decipher some of the help tutorials, but just end up getting more confused.
Can anybody explain, in simple terms please, what I may be doing wrong here? :unamused:

The first thing to check, look on the underside of the turntable. Some Ion turntables have a volume knob (some don’t).
Also check the recording level settings in the Windows Sounds Control Panel

Some 12" DJ mixes are recorded extremely loud and may be too loud for the Ion to handle. Unfortunately there are no settings that can fix that as it’s a hardware limitation.

Oh look. A little knob with “Gain” written on it. I wonder what happens when I turn it down.

EUREKA!!! :smiley: . It works.

Many thanks Steve.