Sound distortion playing back recorded audio from PC

Using Audacity 3.02 on MacPro macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
2 x 3.06 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Processor
32GB Ram.

Recording audio to a dedicated audio drive, with system on an SSD …

Attempting to edit voice, this new version of Audacity is screwing up big time, 1) spits out an audible distortion when hitting playback that has nothing to do with the audio file, 2) stops responding completely to any commands after a few minutes while spinning ball goes nuts.

Very disappointing! I have used Audacity in years past for professional voice editing, now my deadline is thrown off and worse, I cannot hear or edit precisely in order to edit clicks, pops or other momentary distortions. Will have to find another software!!

Is this progress?


I’ll ask about this first as it directly relates to the topic title.

What do you mean “spits out”? Are you referring to playback in Audacity?
In what way is it distorted? Very loud and “clipped”?
Is this with an imported file, or something that you have just recorded?

You could always go back to an older version of Audacity, or stick with Pro Tools.
Many older versions of Audacity are available from FossHub: