Sound disappears on my headphones once I start working on ACX requirements

So when I record on Audacity, all is well, until I start working on fulfilling ACX requirements. then my headphones stop working. I check bluetooth everything is OK. the audio source indicates that my headphones are connected . so why am I not getting sound? I don’t get any sound on my computer speakers either.

How? Are you using the Audacity Audiobook Mastering Suite? Some other measure?

While you’re processing your work, do the blue waves and bouncing sound meter hang around, or do they vanish?

Are you in stereo—two blue waves one over the other, or mono (recommended).

The system doesn’t tell me what kind of computer you have.

What kind of computer do you have?

Can I buy your book on Amazon right now? That’s one of the requirements for ACX audiobook submission


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