Sound device

Have tried to read me through the forum but can not find the solution to my problem: I have win7 64 bit and audacity 2.03. I will record what I hear the speaker on the pc. I get “error while opening sound device ----”. I have no external audio device connected to the audio input. No microphone connected

Moved to the Windows board.

You probably don’t have any input devices set up in Windows, and your sound card may not have an input to record computer playback in any case. You’ll need to show and enable all the disabled inputs in Windows to find out. Please see .


Have you tried going into the ‘Devices and Printers’ menu and messing with those options?

Device Manager would let you enable the sound device if it was disabled but you could also do that from the loudspeaker icon by the clock. The advantage of going there is that it lets you show and enable individual input devices.

Device Manager does let you update the sound device drivers but it is usually much better to obtain drivers directly from the motherboard or computer manufacturer’s web site. Make sure you have 64-bit drivers given you are on Windows 64-bit.