Sound detect algorithm

Hi, I am checking the audacity’s sound detect algorithm like an user, an works fine. Where can I find more information about his internal mathematical algorithm, how it’s works? etc.

I have found some information about authors of this feature

I hope some of them visit this forum an could help me.

The algorithm is pretty simple (though the code is a bit messy).
It converts stereo tracks to mono and resamples to a low sample rate (about 100 samples per second).
It then loops through the (low sample rate) samples and compares the value of each sample with a threshold* value (* set by the value set by the “Treat audio below this level as silence” slider).
When the sample values cross the threshold level, the sample number is converted to a time value (by dividing the count number by the sample rate) and stored in a list.
The labels are created by returning a list of lists to Audacity.

The plug-in is written using the Nyquist programming language, which is a scripting language based on XLISP (a variant of LISP).
The Nyquist language is relatively easy and convenient to use because plug-ins are written in plain text, so they can be read and edited in a plain text editor such as NotePad or NotePad++ (for Windows users I would recommend NotePad++ for working with Nyquist files).

You can view the code for the Sound Finder by opening the SoundFinder.ny file (in the Audacity Plug-Ins folder) in a plain text editor (don’t use a word processor - the file must be plain text or it will not work).

If you are interested in writing plug-ins, Nyquist provides a good platform for rapid development (though the GUI capabilities are rather restricted). There is some information about Nyquist in Audacity here:
We also have a forum board specifically for Nyquist plug-ins and Nyquist programming:

Thanks for your help, I understood the algorithm…I suppouse it…I will try apply this idea on MATLAB.
Thanks a lot.

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That’s ok, I’m one of the forum administrators. I’ll just move this topic to the Nyquist forum and delete your duplicate post.

As a possible enhancement you could consider measuring the rms level rather than the peak level.