Sound cutting out intermittently on playback

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New Audacity user here but 27 year veteran of pro video/audio production. Have an installation of Audacity 2.01 on a Windows 7 PC, i7 intel 12 core CPU, 12GB RAM, nVidia FX 2000 professional graphics card, Blackmagic Design Decklink HD Extreme 3 card for video and audio. Latest Decklink audio drivers for the audio chips on the board. TB of storage available on both a direct attached SATA striped Array and an Apace vSTor shared storage system designed specifically for professional video and audio editing. (have tried both drives as source for audio files).

Audacity sees hardware fine but upon playback of known “good” audio files, it intermittently cuts out in sending output to the speakers. The audio is playing and it’s “there” so to speak as you can see the VU meters moving and the waveforms are all intact in the timeline. You can back up the timeline marker and replay the offending section and it will typically play fine. Intermittent cutout occurs at random times, usually 30-45 seconds into a track…and will continue occurring at various times on longer cuts. There is no distinct pattern to this though…as it will sometimes occur a few seconds after playback is started. The cutout only lasts about a second, maybe less.

Have tried everything I know in terms of hardware settings and drivers…and all I can figure is Audacity doesn’t like the Blackmagic Design audio chips and drivers. Other sound editing software works fine on it, including Sound Forge 10 and Adobe Sound Booth and older version of Adobe Audition.

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Does it work on your other machine?

Yes…same version seems to work fine on my office PC, which is a much lower-end configuration than our production system. Also works fine on a third system that is an older HP workstation (XW6200) that has quad-core processor and 4GB RAM. That’s why my conclusion is that it’s the Blackmagic audio chips and drivers. But I was wondering if there might be settings or workarounds to get it working on that system?