sound cuts out?

Problem - sound on an audacity track just cuts out. Vanishes. In mid-word. I can still see the lumps on the line, but nothing’s coming out and the L&R doodads are not moving.

Not happeneing for everything, just a couple of tracks where I cut sounds from a prior track and pasted them into a new one, then saved them.

I tried burning them into a wav - to see if it was a reading problem, but they come out as just blips - shorts bursts of sound with nothing in between.

The track IS very stereo, but the places it goes missing are not of the “one ear plays, the other doesn’t” variety, nor do they occur at places where I was pasting stuff in.

A completely different track I composited since putting together the broken ones is fine - nothing missing, no gaps.


Your project files are out of whack. This happens when you import audio into a project, save it, and then move or delete the original audio files.

You can fix your project if you replace the original audio files. If you open the “project_name”.aup file in a regular text editor, you should be able to find references to all the audio files that Audacity is looking for (it might be a large file, so use the text search function and look for something like “C:” to scroll through each reference). Find all the files that show up in the .aup file and do not show up in that same space on the hard drive. If you can’t replace the original files then (since it’s from another project) hopefully you can replace the entire track.

This problem can’t occur if you use Audacity 1.3.x and set “always copy all audio files” in the edit → preferences → audio files menu.