sound counter

Hello everybody and congratulations for the forum, it’ s nice to see such efforts of open source software.

Now, let’ s get to the point. I have a boutique (clothes and shoes). Is there a capability using audacity to count someway the number of visitors?
Let me explain, when a customer enters my shop, theres a sound counter. I am wondering if I can make a plugin that counts the number of visitors based on the sound of the counter (it’s very specific sound).
Thus I can have a good image of ratio visitors / buyers compared with the number of receipts of the cashier machine. The widget have to be something like clock or counter to show me at the end of the day the number of visitors.

Thank you in advance!!

If you have a way of recording the sound that excludes (or at least mostly excludes) other sounds, then you could use “Sound Finder” (in the “Analyze” menu) to label each occurrence of the sound. The labels are numbered, so the last label will give you the count. It will be rather slow to analyze a long recording.

Thank you very much!! :wink: