Sound clips has been saved as lots of tiny clips

Hi, I’m not sure how this has happened but my single sound clip has been saved in to lots of little clips (*.au format). Is there an easy way to put this back together? I can’t find any other format such as .aup.


Maybe… See [u]Recovery[/u].

but my single sound clip

Depending on where that clip came from, it might be easier to start-over.

In the future, I recommend you export to WAV immediately after recording. The AUP project file/folder is optional, depending on what you’re doing. (I rarely save an Audacity project.)

And depending on how critical your project is, make appropriate back-ups of your WAV file(s). It’s possible to [u]backup[/u] your project files, but it can be tricky because there’s more than one file and they have to be in the “right” place.

And have a read of this page from the Audacity Manual on the structure of Audacity projects and how to manage them:


Here is a direct link to the page that tells you how to recover an unedited recording where there is no AUP file:

If you ever do want to save as an Audacity project, please be sure to wait until the project is fully saved before shutting the computer down, because the AUP file is written last.

If you leave the mouse still after starting the save, the message in the Audacity Status Bar bottom left will tell you when the project is saved.