SOUND CLEAR remove periodic sounds

Hello I recorded a audio tact wit my camera and then I splited it to clear then noise, unfortunately there is one thing remaning and I dont know how to deal with it.

during the tackt there is short sounds “bip” that I wan to remove. they are all verry similar so I tried to use click removal for that but it diidnt worked out. any suggestions ?

How often does this occur? Is it infrequent enough to fix each one separately, or does it happen hundreds of times?
How regular is the repeat (or is it fairly random)?
Please upload a couple of examples of the blips (see here for how to do that:

Yes it is prety random, it is posible to take a sample of the sound and remove all identical sounds?

how often u ask i would say its every 2 seond … averagely

Audacity does not have a general “remove sounds like this” command (and neither does any other program that I know of). Whether it can be removed “automatically” depends on what the sound is and what you are trying to remove if from. We can’t really help without a couple of samples (preferably in WAV format).

Here is some samples, the “tock tock tock” sounds >.> …

I doubt that can be fixed.