sound card

my operating system is W7. I have been using audacity (v2) to record podcast by plugging mic directly into usb port on laptop, now i have an external soundblaster sound card, i plugged the mic into the sound card and plugged the sound card into the usb port on my laptop. now i can’t record anything. is there something i have to change within audacity or in the control panel on my laptop so that this type of setup will work? thanks


Assuming “W7” means Windows 7, I have moved this to the appropriate Windows board.

Does SoundBlaster really have a USB audio input or is it more complex than that?

If you have a legitimate mic input going into the SoundBlaster and if it is a USB SoundBlaster then do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity (or restart it) then choose the “ (USB Sound Blaster)” or similar choice in Audacity Device Toolbar where means the input that you are actually connected to on the SoundBlaster.