Sound Card

I just am so out of the KNOW. I keep reading on forums about external sound cards. what where how and all that?
Could you give me a start on my edumacatin’ please. For VO will I need somthing other that what comes in a newer computer with XP?


External sound cards (almost always USB or FireWire) are nice.

Here’s a list of nicer ones:

If you’re looking for something cheaper, the Behringer UCA202 works for casual audio folks (~$30). I also see the Edirol UA1-EX recommended quite often (~$70).

Basically it’s a sound card you plug into your USB port instead of having to install it inside your computer case.

I really didn’t think anyone would be checking the forums today… You’re a help as always. I know some of my questions are simple…


Hi Lynn,

I recently (well last year) bought a PC and asked the builder to install a “better-than-average” soundcard. So he put in a Sound Blaster Audigy SE, which, to my ears, sounds fine (see my post above in 'What’s your setup?)
The PC builder - himself no sort of musician or home studio guy - said he could hear a very clear difference between the standard Sound Blaster and the Audigy.

As regards an outboard card, I would have to compare the two, playing from the same set up to make a judgement, but I guess most listeners would not be able to tell the difference between the Audigy and a basic level external card.

The other point that you should maybe consider is do you really want yet another little box sitting outside the PC (and taking up a back-of-box USB port)?