Sound Card, multiple input, recommendations?

I really need to get a sound card with at least 2 inputs.

My budget is in the $80 -$140 range, but I’m willing to consider anything. I really have no clue on this – if anyone has any recommendations, even very general ones, I’d surely appreciate it!

Thank you,

Audio cards with Line-In have two inputs. Left and Right. If you have an external mixer and want to produce from two live microphones, this isn’t a terrible way to go. Put one actor on one side and the other on the other. Manage later as you wish in Audacity. I shoot a weekly live meeting like this.

If you need more than one microphone input (Podcasting?) then I totally would do it with an external mixer instead of trying to do it all in the computer. Live recording is a good deal more wild and woolly than just dubbing CDs and you need the extra control if you’re going to produce “live.” “Quick, reduce the volume of the guy on the right!” Ummm. Control, Alt, Up-Arrow…

This is overkill, but all the pieces you need for a show are in there.

They also make just simple mixers and leave everything else out. Oh, and if you’re on a Mac, by all means go FireWire. It has a lot fewer problems than USB.

Remember, you also need live monitoring and doing that with a PC can be a nightmare. “How come my podcast has an echo in it?” or “I can’t listen to myself because it’s off in my headphones.”