Sound activated recording too stuttery

Hi, I have recently been using the Sound Activated Recording option in Audacity (I’m using v2.2.1) to record conversations that occur in my office, however it’s not really doing what I need as the results are really stuttery because Audacity obviously stops recording when nobody is speaking, plus every time someone starts speaking the start is cut off as Audacity takes a second or so to get going. The result is a garbled mess. What I would like is to set a dB level at which audacity starts recording, but then after that level has been reached Audacity then records for a certain period of time… say 30 mins after that. Is this possible? If not does anyone know of any recording apps out there that do??

Many thanks for any guidance!

Audacity takes a second or so to get going.

I wonder why that happens. With all that technology floating around, why doesn’t Audacity constantly record a buffer on a two second loop and when it realizes the sound is high enough, it goes back two seconds and picks it up there.

stops recording when nobody is speaking

That’s not desirable, either. The end recording should include a second or so of “silence.”

Those two changes should produce a semi-natural cadence to a recording.