Sound activated recording, timestamps and .aup3 projects

Hi. In older Audacity versions with the .aup format Sound Activated Recording stores one .au file per detected sound. Each such .au gets a random (not sequential) filename, but the filesystem records a date modified timestamp with the time the file was written so we can parse that to extract YYYYMMDDhhmmss time data.

My use case is to export each detected sound as individual audio files, filter them with external tools and end up with a number of events that I (also in external tools) position on a graphical timeline based on its YYYYMMDDhhmmss data, for easy overview.

I have that working ok with old .aup versions, but would prefer to use the latest Audacity release.

Is it possible to get the same data out from newer Audacity version with .aup3 project files? There are no longer any .au files with timestamps. I have briefly inspected the .aup3 with but failed to file any timestamp data, though I might have failed to look for it properly? Or is there some special setting to enable timestamps?

If what I want to do is currently impossible with the new .au3 Audacity projects then consider this a feature request for some implementation that allows exporting each detected “chunk” of audio with timestamps.