Sound Activated Recording problems

I understand that this topic is already covered in other threads but they seems very old and related to versions before 2.2.2, please forgive me if I am wrong.

The problem is that randomly, the SAR loses the first few 100-1,000 milliseconds of recording. I tried to adjust the level with no modifications (now is -59). The problem seems random and not connected to the level. May some other program interphere in some way? I think I have no strange programs but today OS are very complex and maybe that someone is “stealing” some resurces randomly?

That is important for me; I would prefer not to give up with Audacity that I like very much.

Thanks for any help.

Computer sound systems are also very complex these days, with multiple buffers, support for resampling, device sharing, on the fly mixing and more. I suspect that the issue is that a random amount of data is being lost in one of the buffers.

If it essential that you don’t lose parts of the audio, then probably best to not use SAR - just record straight through and delete the unwanted parts after.