Sound Activated Recording - maintain inter-word gaps

Win10/Audacity 3.1.3

I have spent a delightful morning playing around with Sound Activated Recording, especially varying the level(dB). An exhausting document of my studies can be found here, , complete with links to sample recorded files.

My focus is on recording text, spoken aloud, read from a book. Think “”. Not music, not bird songs, just text, word after word after word.

I can play around with the dB level around the 39 area; that seems to be the zone.

My primary concern is with inter-word gaps, specifically, any setting in Audacity 3.1.3 that will let me tell Sound Activated Recording that:-
(1) a silence of less than half a second is an inter-word gap and should be retained without change
(2) a silence of more than half a second is one of (a) an inter-sentence gap or (b) an inter-paragraph gap or (c) an awkward silence while I mentally rehearse the pronunciation of a footnote written in (say) German.

If I end up with a track that has gaps ONLY of “less than half a second” and “exactly one-second”, I would sing the praises of Audacity in stereo!

I am spending about an hour each day wandering around Edit, Preferences and the Wiki (thanks Steve!), and each day the Wiki seems to expand by about 25% from what it was the day before, so right now I would be happy with a suggestion or a pointer. I am busy learning everything I can about Audacity, but often do not know where to look because I am not well-versed in the Audacity and sound terminology.
Thanks from Chris