Sound Activated Recording Delay

Hi , i like the software btw cheers .

Regarding the sound activated recorder feature , i have noticed the “things to do” feature list and confirm the function needs a “Delay” added , so as when after a sound input stops and the recorder stops automatically it should have a adjustable slider/choice for a time delay , like 1 to 5 or 10 seconds of adjustable range delay , and then carry on as it was , a time graph/pointer would also be nice?

I was amazed that i have 560+ hours(24 days) of recording time available on the small SSD in use !

Anyway my bit of a whinge for a nice piece of software , thanks , Paul …

a time graph/pointer would also be nice

There is a time graph when you play back the work. Can I assume you want a time graph of the original time, before Audacity started chopping it up?


Hi , yes i think so ? like at the original start of the session then a marker? every time the software starts again and stops .

(Lets say receiving on a squelch operated radio with “overs” some long and some short all into 1 file maybe for a hour or more , some sort of time marker from the computer clock that says when and what time each was?) .

It might be too hard to do Koz but it sure would make the voice/sound activated feature real flash imo , even just a adjustable stop delay would be flash enough , thanks for the inquiry . Paul