SOS - Undeleted Files not Recognized

Hello all

This is rather urgent, I really need help.

We recorded an interview and two Audacity sessions ended up being deleted when it was thought they would have been stored in another medium. It turns out they weren’t. I have run a recovery program, but Audacity does not recognize the files and keeps asking me if I want to import RAW data. I have tried to directly import the files from the data folders, but to no avail, Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you

Did you Export the work as regular sound files like MP3 or WAV, or did you Save an Audacity Project? If you saved a Project, then you need one file and one folder for each show. It’s terrifically important to know what the structure is. Audacity saves an AUP file which is a text file that tells Audacity what to do with all the stuff in the _DATA folder. You can’t use one without the other. The _DATA folder contains the show in tiny fragments.

So what did you get back from the recovery process? MacOS and Linux are pretty much a write-off for recovery, but Windows isn’t usually terrible. The more you used the computer between the deletion and the recovery, the worse the success will be.


If you exported WAV files, File > Import > Raw Audio… may be the best chance of salvaging something.


Yes, I have the directory structure, and I got all the files back, but they are not being opened.

Does that mean you saved a project and did not export a sound file like WAV or MP3? Koz asked you that.

If you only have the AU files, open one of them using File > Import > Raw Data… . In the dialogue that appears, choose the same sample rate that you used for the project.

Is the audio usable?