Sorting VST plugins in a list

Hello. I have noticed, that VST plugins are sorted in list, where can It enable or disable in descending order. I don’t know, if It is a bug, or mistake in My operating system.
Please, could You help me, how to sort It to It’ll be in ascending, not descending order?
Thank You.

Are you referring to the Plug-in manager (

If so, then you can sort the list by clicking on one of the headings (name / state / path).

There is a minor bug in that the default order of the list is by name from z to a (rather than a to z), but you can reverse the order by clicking on the heading. This bug is logged on the bug tracker.

It is a littlebid problem for me, because I can only use a keyboard and screen reader. Also, I have tried to move It by using mouse navigation of NVDA, but It doesn’t work.

Maybe, It’ll be good idea to add something, like special menu activated via Application key in Plug-in manager list, where will be items, such as: sort by file name, sort by file path, sort by status, ETC.
If “Sort by file name” is checked and user pressed It again, It’ll be in reversed order, ETC.

Sorry for those many posts, but I have tried It by myself. I have presented, where can be those headings and I have clicked on It using My touchpad.
But really, It is not very accessible. Please, could You add this feature, which I have mentioned on previous reply to this topic?
Thank You.

Have you tried asking on the “Audacity for blind” mailing list? There are expert blind Audacity users on that mailing list that may be able to offer useful recommendations. If you are not familiar with that mailing list, there are instructions here for how to access it: