Sorting in manual recovery

I am trying to manually recover an audacity project on my Windows 10 latest update. There are three folders d00, d01 and d02. I am familiar with how manual recovery is done but the files seem to be scattered in my case. When I try to join two files, they are not in order. My explorer sorts audacity files according to their name.
How do I sort / find the consecutive files to join them and make the complete audio?

Technical Details:
Audacity v2.2.2
Compiler : MSVC 18.00.31101.00
Windows 10 Pro
CPU : 64bit

IF the project is an unedited recording, then the data files may be sorted by creation/modification time.
If the project has been edited, then it will not be possible to fully sort the data files, though sorting by creation/modification time may allow partial recovery.

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