sony walkman song and artist display

I am using Audacity 2.1.2 on Linux Mint 18.3.

If I select from the file menu “export selected audio” Audacity asks for a file name and extension, e.g., MusicA.mp3 and upon clicking O.K. Audacity then comes up with a menu to give Artist Name, Track Title, Album Title, Track #, Genre. When I fill them all in and transfer the song to the Album Title on the Sony Walkman (NW-E390 model) the only things that show up is the Track Title/Unknown (for artist) and below that is the Album Title.

Can anyone explain why the artist is given as Unknown?

If I look at the file in “Music Brainz Picard” in linux all of the appropriate data is listed for the file.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The magic phrase is “metadata compatibility”,
see …Mp3 Year tag duplicated / setting Publisher tag - #2 by steve

Maybe fixable with tag editor software … Tag editor - Wikipedia

Thanks for the response. Sounds like it is a true compatability of the tag editor. I’ll try some of those you had in the link.

Easy Tag was the first tag editor I used and loaded some music files from the Walkman. I edited some of them to add some extra information. But, I discovered all I had to do was load the file and save it under Easy Tag and now the song title and artist both appear. “Unknown” for artist was replaced by the artists actual name as I had it written in the tag previously.

Thanks again.