Guys i need something to do and i think audacity has the tools to help me.But i don’t really get the app.So there’s this song from Voice of France i need to use for a project but there are peple clapping or jury talking and that sucks :p.If you can help me what to do to remove them i only need the song the girls sound and music not talking or other noises.Thank you

No, you can’t fix that. Pro recordings are still made in soundproof studios for good reasons.

Of course, if there is talking over the end of the song or something like that you can fade-out the song before the talking starts.

“You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry and egg and you can’t un-mix a recording.” …There is a vocal removal “trick” of subtracting left from right to remove everything in the “center” and of course the left & right sides are separate and can be edited separately.