song won't export properly

hey, im using audacity 2.1.2 on windows 10

i’ve been trying to export a song that i’ve edited the bass and treble on but when it exports the effects i’ve added aren’t put into effect, the song is exactly the same as before i edited it. how do i fix this?

Try exporting with a different name from the original file.
Two good reasons to do this: 1) It is less likely to confuse ‘smart’ music libraries, 2) If you make an error in Audacity, you don’t destroy the original.

just tried to no avail. any other suggestions?

Let’s try an experiment to find out what’s going wrong.

  1. Generate 5 seconds of “White noise” (see:
  2. Listen to what it sounds like (warning: with default settings it will be LOUD)
  3. Apply the Bass and Treble effect and reduce the treble by -15 dB.
  4. Listen to the track again. You should hear that it is less “hissy” (less treble).
  5. Export the track as a WAV file.
  6. Upload the exported file and attach to your reply (see:

Could you hear the difference before you exported?

Where are you listening when you judge the exported file? If you increased the bass, small computer speakers won’t register that change because they won’t be able to reproduce lower frequencies.