Song Mixing

Reading some of these posts, I fear I’m way, way out of my element, but I need to press on, I suppose:)

Brand new to Audacity, and I downloaded it because I was told it’s a convenient means by which I can cut a bit from one song, paste it to a piece of another, lather, rinse, repeat, until I have bits & pieces from about twenty songs I’ve got picked out. I plan to render these twenty tunes into what’ll essentially be about a four-minute song.

I downloaded it, but now I’m completely lost, and I can’t readily see how to do this with Audacity.

Any suggestions? I thank y’all in advance!!

First, read this:
(this will help you to avoid many of the most frequent pitfalls)

Then look at the Tutorials (link at top of page, or directly below my post).

The basic method is:

  1. Import files to create Audacity tracks
  2. Drag files left/right into position with the “Time Shift” tool
  3. Edit tracks
  4. Export final masterpiece (Export in WAV format for best quality, suitable for making CDs)

Note that the 1.3.13 version of Audacity is recommended and includes the manual in the Help menu.

Also worth looking at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)