Song doesn't start immediately when pressing Space

Hi experts,

on my new Laptop (Acer Aspire 5 (A517-51G-80HZ- ntel Core i7-8550U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD + 1.000 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, Win 10 64bit almost every song (MP3) hangs for 2-3 secs till the first sound comes. From there on it goes normally most oft the times.

Sometimes if i cut a part and restart with space it hangs too. Its very annoying cause i play around with songs alot and in addition on my old PC (10 years old with Windows 7 32bit) it works fine and the songs start really immediately.

What could be the problem? Has anyone the same problem? Had it with Audacity 2.2 and also with 2.3.1. The songs and the program are both on the SSD…


Perhaps you have an anti-virus program checking the audio data before it allows Audacity to access it.

Hi Steve, thanks for your repyl, but that didnt’t fix it.

Has anyone the same “problem” or is it just me? So if you load an mp3 in audacity and you start the song (either with space or the play button) it takes 2-3 seconds until the song starts? If you stop and “restart” it, it doesn’t happen again? But if you cut some pieces out of the file then it happens (sometimes) again?

For me, playback starts virtually instantly every time.

Are you working with a massively long track (many hours duration)?

But if you cut some pieces out of the file then it happens (sometimes) again?

What Steve said. When you make a change, Audacity tries to save UNDO, which is the whole show to drive. So the show size just doubled. Do you have a Solid State Drive? Those are blisteringly fast compared to spinning metal.

You can possibly help things along by optimizing the drive and make sure you have tons of free space.

Obviously, don’t run anything else while you’re in production.


Hi steve and kozikowski, the laptop is brandnew and, it’s not the baddest one and yes, it has an SSD and more than 200 GB free space. Also RAM is no problem with 8GB free.

It happens with almost every song, even if it’s just 3 minutes. So if it doesn’t happen to you it has to be some driver or soundcard-problem. Hard to get to know anyhow… Do you have some idea how i could proceed?

It still sounds to me like a security product / anti-virus app is getting in the way. What security products do you have on your computer?

If you stop and “restart” it, it doesn’t happen again?

I think that’s an important clue. A virus or protection program would inspect and log the work and then after that, would “know” what it was and not interfere.

Take the machine off-line and disable virus protection?


The software is Norton, it was preinstalled. Ok i’ll try that next time and let you know…

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that the problem was the hdd. I had moved the whole library to the hdd so i didn’t notice, that it wasn’t on the ssd. Moved it there and everything was fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help anyways!

Thanks for the feedback.