Song change detection

Hi there, I love Audacity and I use it to mix a lot of songs in single projects. When I export a project that usually consists of many songs into a MP3, my player does not recognize the individual songs. This means I can’t jump forward or back between the individual songs in the project. Is there a function in Audacity where I can set stops at the end of each individual song within the project so that I can jump from song to song with my MP3 player? Thank you for your help :pray:

Unfortunately, most “computer formats” don’t support tracks or chapters, and neither do most players. It’s a feature on the “shiny disc” formats.

I believe MKA (and MKV) files support chapters, but you’ll have to check your player software too. And, you’ll have to research how to add the chapters.

If you download an MP3 album from Amazon or an AAC album from iTunes, each song/track is a separate file. They are “tagged” with the track number so your player can play them in the correct order, or you can shuffle them, etc.

If you want gapless playback, I believe AAC is better than MP3. Or some player software can crossfade.

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