Song audio from mono to stereo?

Hello I am curious whether it is possible or not to convert and audio song 2 stereo sound and if it is 4 step by step instructions and how to do so but if it is not possible would anyone know if there is a free program or software download to do this I use version 2.3.0. 5
thanky you in advance


Could you say that in English. I’m unclear what you are asking.

“True” stereo has different sounds located at different positions in the stereo field (some instruments/voices further to the left, and some further to the right).

Technically a “stereo” track, is simply a track that has two audio channels. If both left and right channels are identical, then the sound is “mono” and will sound identical to a mono track. Audio CDs always have two audio channels, even for mono recordings.

So what exactly are you trying to achieve?