Something Stupid

I’m using Windows 8 and Audacity 2.0.4 and, all of a sudden, I can’t do anything to a save file. All of the features are grayed out. I can to an initial edit as soon as I open a file, but then I’m dead in the water, I can’t even save the newly edited file. I must have something set wrong. Please help me.

I have rebooted and downloaded a new version, nothing has helped.


Audacity does not “save a file”. The “Save” option in the File menu will save an Audacity Project. An Audacity Project is not “a file”, it is a file plus the audio data that is used in the project. See here for an explanation:

If most of the options are greyed out, it is often because Audacity is playing, recording, or paused. Click the “Stop” button to ensure that Audacity is stopped.

Not clicking the Stop Button was my problem. Thank you.