Something revolutionary being able to open Audition ses files (session of files recorded by Audition)

Hello everyone, especially the volunteers from Audacity.
I still have a session recorded by that Audition from rotten Adobe, who just took it over from CreateMusic or something just for the money, although they have been fined already because of pdf files, which didn’t seem to be theirs, but just illegal software.
Dear volunteers, great ones from beloved Audacity, could you please cooperate immensely s e c r e t l y with some guys from Audition, just in order to enable the beautiful Audacity to open the session file recorded by Audition, with a lot of usual WAV files inside of course. And if they’d like to add some extra effects to Audacity, welcome them, haha. But the ‘’ should be imported really. I already know many studios are hating Adobe and Audition somehow. Most of them even use Ubuntu Linux. So a renewed Audacity - of course, be careful, do not be afraid, could be the best advantage ever to the music recording industry, also to Ubuntu Music.
Friends over here who don’t know the solution, are able to react, it will be nice.
But I’d like to be in connection with those volunteers designing the tremendous Audacity music software to Ubuntu etc.

Thanks and enjoy your day and night, also enjoy beloved Xmas and a happy new year. PeterMuse

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