Someone help me

Im steaming right now man. I don’t get how I saved dozens of audacity projects and I could always reopen and work on them. I open my projects today and for some reason instead of being recorded with several tracks. Auudacity meshed it all into one. When I record my tracks, it’s not a one take thing. There are adlibs in there too thats why everything is a separate “track.” I dont understand why audacity meshed the tracks together cuz now I cant edit ANYTHING. What the fuck is going on here

You need to get a little closer than that. Are you overdubbing? Skype-connected multi-track? Describe the show.

One very common problem with overdubbing is to leave Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough selected by accident. That will record your new voice (for example) and all your old tracks each time you press record.


There was a change in Audacity 2.2.2 where Record New Track (R) and Add-On Record (Shift-R) are reversed. One adds a new track under the old one and the other smashes a new track on the end of the old one. You can reverse them back in Preferences > Record. Or just use the other keystroke.