Some wrong menu (Show Log is inside submenu)

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer

When trying to run a effect that is not there (because i deleted the folder after starter Audacity) i get a message with:

More information may be available in Help->Show Log

But the “Help->Show Log” is not correct.
Its Help->Diagnostics->Show Log.

Also there is:

Select ‘Show Log…’ in the Help menu to see details.

Perhaps some work should be done to make sure these kind of menu strings are presented the same way and that they are still correct when the menu is changed (like when a submenu is added).

Good catch scootergrisen.

There’s a lot of improvements that could be made to the help system. As Audacity has evolved, hundreds of help messages have been scattered throughout the code. An ongoing task over the last few versions has been in bringing them together into a unified “help system” that is separate from the main functional code.