Some tiny parts missing in recording

Audacity 2.0.5, Windows 8 64 bits

When recording from a cassette with Audacity, I find on listening the record that on many times a short fraction of second is missing in the music.
It is not a silent blank but like jumping over a fraction of second of music and continuing.
This is happening whatever the length of the recording (from 10 to 45mn) and of the buffer size (from 50 to 400 ms).
I even try giving an high priority to the Audacity task without result.
I returned to the cassette and verified it is OK.
I suppose it is related to writing on the disk.
On web page :
you have some sofware for closing un-necessary tasks when using Audacity but they do not work with Windows 8.

We don’t generally see that with a modern machine, but yes. That usually means the machine isn’t processing or recording fast enough for live audio. Pieces get left out or you may get little ticks, pops or gaps in the show.

You can restart the machine and try recording before you do anything else. Do NOT start Skype or any other audio program and leave the browsers closed.

Also try disconnecting the network and turn off your virus software. Sometimes virus software will try to inspect things to death.


And make sure you have the clipping indicators turned “off” in the View menu.