Some sounds decrease in pitch after opening Audacity?

So, I’ve always trusted Audacity as an audio editor, but, I’ve started to notice how some sounds decrease in pitch while I have audacity open, and after I close it as well. This includes the system’s built-in sounds, and Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth. Sometimes, it could be every sound that plays through the system! Is it a driver malfunction or something?

That sounds like a driver problem. It’s the job of the drivers to make sure the software/file sample rate matches the hardware sample rate, or the drivers should do any required conversion.

Are you using a regular internal soundcard or something external, like a S/PDIF connection? S/PDIF can sometimes have trouble because it’s only sending audio data and it doesn’t really “communicate” with the driver.

Once Audacity is closed it can’t be to blame for subsequent audio glitches.

Just opening it causes these problems to occur.