Some ripped files have extended-length path, and can't be copied to phone. How to fix?

When ripping CDs, some files have a location, shown in Windows File Explorer Properties as \?\E:\Music . . . Most are just E:\Music. The ones with \?\ will not copy to my Samsung S22 Ultra. I have to copy the files to a new folder on my PC, then copy that copy to a new folder on my phone (still won’t copy directly to phone’s Music folder) and then move from phone’s new folder to the Music folder. Is there an Audacity option that will prevent files being created with "\?" prefix? Might be related to filename data length obtained from CD. I’d rather it truncated than used the extended-length path!

It isn’t Audacity doing that, it’s you and Windows.
The ? indicates that the full file path exceeds the normal 260 character limit. The solution is to organise and name your directories so that you don’t exceed the normal MAX_PATH limit.

Sorry, my bad. It’s been a while since I ripped. I did the ripping to flac in Windows Media Player. I had a short directory tree, but some of the tracks had really long filenames.

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