Some mathematical input on the Object, Truncate Silence, requested

Another question I had asked earlier: Request a mathematical/logical basis for a situation come across, for which I didn’t receive any reply, didn’t deter me. I continued to consider various scenarios, models and reasons.
I arrived at the position from which I could post the principal questions at the beginning of this current thread.
On the basis of the primary question asked at the beginning of the current thread Mr. Steve posted a nyquist code. Interacting with Mr. Steve, with his changed codes, this earlier question of mine on the said earlier thread has been solved. I can now more cleanly remove redundant silences and noises from audio files with a fair degree of precision.
As an aside, there was a poster who had just joined and had immediately asked me to explain him all the steps. But later on it appears the poster removed that post. As a result my last post on that thread becomes meaningless.
Moderators may please look into this issue.