Some Keyboard shortcuts missing

Using 2.1.2 (release) under Vista, I discovered that two of my keyboard shortcuts from previous revs were absent. I then set them in Preferences and they showed up there until I closed Preferences. Then they didn’t respond, and when I looked back in Preferences they had disappeared. I tried to set them one at a time, OK’ing out of Preferences after each one, but the first one had disappeared when I came back to set the second one. They are present in audacity.cfg, and this file has the correct time stamp. The shortcuts are Ctrl-Q (Align start to cursor) and Alt-Q (Align end to selection end). So far, these are the only ones I’ve found missing.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Dick, but as it says in other topics, those shortcuts don’t work in 2.1.2 release due to a bug.

The bug has already been fixed in our source code, so if the shortcuts are of high importance for your workflow you can use the nightly builds instead.