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Hello Experts,
I need some help, I have a .mp3 file having duration of 31 minutes. I want to make it of 30 minutes, without losing any part of file,i.e, i don’t want to delete any part of my file.
Is it possible by changing its speed? If I increase its speed a little bit, it can become of 30 minutes, but how can i make it of exact 30 minutes, neither one second more , nor one second less of 30 minutes…

How can i achieve my purpose?

Thanks in advance…

How can i achieve my purpose?

Maybe not with Audacity.

Audacity can make the timing changes, but it has to make a new MP3 when it’s done reducing the quality of the sound.

We warn people never do production and editing in MP3 because of compression damage.

There are strict MP3 editors available which don’t change the sound quality, but they can’t make timing changes.


31 min to 30 min.png

Changing speed will also change the pitch, change tempo preserves pitch.

:slight_smile: Hi,
Thanks for everyone. i got my purpose by changing its tempo in AUDACITY. :slight_smile: