[SOLVED] How to record audio playing from audio card?


I’d like to record live audio coming from the Net, but there are multiple options in Audacity:
Which combination should I use?

Also, while recording, how to avoid also recording sounds played when a dialog box pops ups?

Thank you.

host to WASAPI,
the playback device as “Speakers (Realtek …)”
the recording device as the “loopback” option for the Realtek Speakers (I don’t see that in your screen captures so I don’t know precise what it will be called, but it must be the loopback option of the device that you are using for playback).

Turn off the system sounds in the Windows Control Panel.


For the Recording Device, I have the following, none of which says “loopback”:

I hadn’t thought about trying to pull the right-side thingie:
Works fine. Thank you.